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Complete 1-2  -  1-15

Read 1-16  - 1-31

Complete 1-33  -  1-37

Practice 1-60

Complete 1-63

Complete Activity 1 (1-129)


Read 1-94 - 1-97 Dimensioning

Read 1-98 - 1-112 Creating Profiles with Text

Complete Project Activity 2  Start Page 1-140

                                        (1-128 as reference)

Complete Project Activity 3 Start page 1-151

                                        (1-122 as reference)

Complete Drawing B  (page 1-164)

Complete Drawing D (page 1-166)


Complete Drawing C (pg 1-165)

-Drawing may be partially complete*

Read Base Featue 2-2 - 2-24

Complete 2-25 Extruded Feature

Complete 2-32 Revolved Feature

Complete 2-41 

Complete 2-50

Due by next class- Course Review (pg 1-168- 1-169)


Complete Activity 2-66

(Dimensioning a Model)

Complete Activity 2-81

(Dimensioning with planes)

Complete Activity 3-28

(Move 3D objects)

Complete Activity 3-108 

(Live Sections)


Complete 4-16

(relating faces)

Complete 4-30

(Applying a relationship to faces)

Complete 4-35

(Aligned Holes)

Complete 4-40

(Aligned holes on axis)

Complete 4-61

(Symmetric relationships)

Complete 4-127



Complete 5-12 Rounding Edges

Complete 5-24 Blends

Complete 5-35 Creating Chamfers

Complete 5-48 Adding Draft

Complete 5-59 Create a plastic part using thinwall

Complete Activity 5-63 Model an Oil Pan

Independent Project- Construct 3 lego blocks using the below schematic  

Bricks are 1.2mm thick


Assembly Basics, Motion, and Animation

Zip Files

Guided PowerPoint


Advanced Assembly Project and Finite Element Analysis

Assembly Files


Read 6-76 Rectangular Patterns

Complete a Rectangular Pattern on an object of your design

Read 6-89 Circular Patterns

Complete a Circular Pattern on an object of your design

Activity 6-97 Circular Patterns

Activity 6-107 Pattern along curve

Activity 6-214 Copy & Move Face

Activity 6-254 Functional Features

Complete an object of your design with a vented area

Activity 7-45 Editing Sketch

Activity 7-76 Advanced Sketch

Activity 7-92 Revolve 


Draft ppt.

Draft Files


 Curves, Surfaces, and other modeling tools.

PowerPoint (contains video clips on exercises)

Files for lesson


PowerPoint (Download to view video)

Final Project

Google Sites

Final Project Criteria:

Must be your original work

Must be of an object seen in real life

assembly consisting of at least 8 parts

must conduct a stress test on a part with stress test report

must include an animated feature

must use the thin wall command

must apply a vent

must use a pattern tool

Each part must have a draft document

The finished assembly must be in a draft document

There should be an exploded view of the assembly in a draft document


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