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World of Technology

World of Technology is a full year (40 week) course where you will explore skills in the engineering design process while gaining practice in team building, technical writing, and presenting ideas. All topics covered will include a hands-on project based applied model/ experiment.


This course can be used as an elective credit, math credit, or science credit. 

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Units in World of Technology

A- Tools, Resources, and Processes

B- Engineering Design

A- Geometric constructions

B- Using Space efficiently

A- Habitat Structure Design

B- Solar array and automation

A- Mapping Terrain

B- Computer Modeling

C- Habitat Access 

A- Electrical Generation

B- Passive Solar Collection

A- Hydraulic Systems

B- Machine & Mechanism Structure

A- Designing for Population

B- Automation 

A- Connecting Habitats for a Mars Colony

Introduction to World of Technology

A- Tools, Resources, Processes

B- Engineering Design 

• An iterative process involving modeling and optimization used to develop technological solutions to problems within given constraints.

Intro to WOT

Hab. Phase 1

Hab. Phase 2