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-Technology & Engineering Education-
with Leif Sorgule
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What is Technology & Engineering Education?

Technology Education is a subject that enables students to become technologically literate. Going far beyond basic computer knowledge into a whole range of technological systems and ideas, Technology Education incorporates and complements science, mathematics, and other disciplines.

Technology education is an essential component of a comprehensive and experience-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) program. It develops technological literacy among students by demonstrating how mathematics and science is applied to the process of engineering design.

What isTech Ed

Expectations for Students in a Technology Classroom



            Prevent yourself and others from mental and/or physical damage.


            Protect and respect yourself and others’ property, physical well being, and mental well being.


             Behave appropriately and respectful in a professional environment.


            Be prepared and follow procedures for school, class, and extracurricular activities.

Daily Participation Sheet

Class rules

Safety for Students in a Technology Classroom

Working safely in the technology labs is mandatory.


Prior to machine and tool use students will see a demonstration of the tool and take a safety test.


The links to the side cover the major tools in the labs.

Tool use is encouraged after instruction, but in some cases not mandatory if the student is not comfortable.



MS Technology & Engineering Education

Technology & Engineering Teacher

        Peru Central School - 


Associate Adjunct Professor 

        Institute for Advanced Manufacturing, Clinton Community College-              Plattsburgh, NY

NYSTEEA Membership Secretary

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